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The Happiest Day - Homework

      I will get married one day like everyone else.My wedding will be very crowded.I will invite all my friends and relative.I will choose a special place for my wedding.The wedding hall will be the sea sight, and will be very big.I will wear... Devamı

Going to the Lake - English Conversation

CATHY: ":Dad, what are we doing today?"
DAD: "Cathy, it's a surprise."
CATHY: "Is it a special occasion?"
DAD: "No, Just a short family trip." Devamı

Picnic by the Lake - English Conversation

JOE: "Hi mike.What are you doing today?"
MIKE: "Hi Joe.My family and I are going to the lake.We're going to have a picnic."
JOE: "That's sounds like fun."
MIKE: "Do you want to join us?" Devamı

Afternoon Picnic - English Conversation

CATHY: "Mom, can we have a picnic this afternoon?"
Mom : "Sure, Cathy.Where should we have it?"
CATHY: "How about the lake?" Devamı

Bad Dog

      When I was child I went to village for a holiday.I was 8 or 9 years old.One day, My grandfather gave me bread to feed the dog.I took bread and I went to back yard.When I went to near the dog I realized.He forgot connecting...Devamı

Beautiful Snow?

      Some people like snow, but I do not.Snow is beautiful when it falls.After a few days, the snow is not beautiful anymore,It starts to melt, and the clean streets become messy.It is difficult to walk anywhere.The sidewalks ...Devamı

Taipei 101

      I work in one of the world's tallest buildings - Taipei 101.This building is in Taipei's business district.Taipei 101 opened to the public in 2004.It is made of steel and glass panels, so it has a beautiful silver color.It has 101 floors.There are ...Devamı

The Best Place to Relax

       My back porch is my farovite place to relax.First, it has lots of comfortable chairs with soft pillows.I feel so good when I sit in them.My back porch is also very peaceful.I can sit and think there.I can even read a great book and ...Devamı

My Ideal Vacation

      I have a dream to visit Alaska.The weather is beautiful there.I love cold Weather.When the temperature is low, I have energy!I also want to visit Alaska because I love nature.Alaska looks so pure and natural.I dream about its ... Devamı

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